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  • Equipment requirements.
  • Software requirements.
  • Booking guests.
  • The perfect monologue.
  • The art of a great interview.
  • How to create production elements.
  • How to record your podcast.
  • How to edit your podcast.
  • How to market your podcast to the perfect audience.


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Meet your Coach

Hi, my name's Phil Giangrande.  When I started in Los Angeles  at iHeartMedia 15 years ago, I didn’t know that radio and podcasts would become my passion and lifelong career.

I was a musician dedicated to recording my music and performing around the world, but John Lennon was right - "Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans."






I remember it like it was yesterday. I was handed a microphone on air by one of the hosts who asked, “What do you think, Phil?” My love of talk radio was born!  I quickly became a producer, engineer, and sidekick, fully committing myself to learning everything I could about the industry. As my role expanded, I began, and spent many years, coaching business owners in studio to become phenomenal hosts and brand their businesses on the radio.

Then, as life usually does, things changed. The way we chose to absorb information evolved and podcasting took hold. You could be at the gym, at work, or in bed and listen to a lengthy interview from start to finish. This new platform meant that any limitations in place before with talk radio had gone. The possibilities were endless, so about 12 years ago, I dove in and fell in love all over again.  I continued to work in radio and spent my free time producing podcasts right up until 2020 when the world changed, and podcasts exploded.

Over the course of my career in podcasting, I've learned what works and what really doesn't. It is now my mission to teach you what I know. 

There’s just one thing I should tell you about myself before we embark on our journey together... when I do something, I do it with all my heart, soul, and passion. Feet first, are you ready to dive right in?

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“ My experience with Phil Giangrande is something I could have never imagined possible.  There is great trepidation about the commitment of both time and expense that goes along with a weekly radio show and podcast. Last year after I added radio to my marketing I had my best year ever to date. Phil’s ability to speak on a topic with both authority and passion is quite impressive. I cannot imagine anyone not being extremely happy after working with Phil.” 

Blair Aaronson
Retirement Thru Design

“I could not have been more blessed to be paired with Phil Giangrande.  From the very first moment in studio I was completely at ease with Phil, he embraced me, empowered me and taught me to be completely comfortable in my own skin. More importantly, my business has never been the same.  My Love, Gratitude and Respect can’t be expressed highly enough. ……….A Genius in the world of Podcasting and Radio.”

Toni Patillo
Call Toni Radio Show

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developed for LaFemme Int'l Film Festival: Best in Fest

I'm so excited to be working with the Director of LaFemme International Film Festival Leslie LaPage on her new podcast "Best in Fest." Stand by for a ton of great tips from TV and Film industry insiders. 


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